Here's your Last Chance to enter American Idol!

Hey, Pine Belt fans, we know you love American Idol, and we know that we have some awesome talent in our area. Just look at Erica Washington, who made it in our Pine Belt Idol competition last year and went on to appear in the national show!


And now that American Idol is taking its final bow, it’s your last chance to appear on the show that started it all and join some big names like Kelly Pickler, Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, and many others who have made it big.


We want to see your talent, Pine Belt. Here’s how to enter:



• Make a video of you singing your heart out. Make sure to sing A Capella (without any backing music - just your voice), or with an instrument of your choosing - like guitar, piano, etc. Don't use a karaoke track.


• Upload that video to youtube. If you don’t have an account, make one. Borrow a friend’s. But you have to have Youtube to enter the contest. Them’s tha rules.



• Submit that video to us below. Fill out the required information, then copy and paste the link to your video and click “Enter.”



• The top 23 contestants will be invited to audition at our Pine Belt Idol competition on August 11 at the Forrest County Multipurpose Center.



• The winner of that contest will get a “Silver Ticket” to audition directly to an American Idol Producer, as well as a meet and greet with the judges of the show!


So show us what you have, Pine Belt, and maybe you could be our next, and last, American Idol!

Pine Belt Idol Contest Rules


  • This Contest is open to all United States Residents.

  • Contestants must upload a video showcasing their performance of the song they wish to perform should they be selected to appear at our Pine Belt Idol Competition.

  • No profanity, nudity, or obscenity is allowed. If these, or anything a reasonable person would find offensive, appear in your video, you will be denied entry into the contest and potentially blocked from our social media pages or our website.

  • By entering the contest, you give MyFox23 and its affiliated partners rights to use your video, your likeness, and your image, in perpetuity, without compensation for any use we might have: promotional, commercial, or otherwise. You may revoke this right by contacting us, in writing, of your desire to do so.

  • You agree to hold MyFox23 and our affiliated partners harmless for any damages you may incur. To perform a song whose copyright is held by someone else, you must have acquired the rights to do so. Uploading the video to us means that you have secured those rights and agree to hold MyFox23 and our affiliated partners harmless should those rights be questioned. You assume all liability for your performance.

  • MyFox23 and our affiliated partners are not responsible for the public’s reaction to your performance.

  • While technical difficulties do arise from time to time, MyFox23 and our vendors and partners will do our best to minimize them. However, you agree to hold MyFox23 and its vendors and partners harmless if you experience technical difficulties during any part of the submission or audition process, including from the time you enter the contest initially through the final audition during the Pine Belt Idol contest on August 11, 2015.

  • You agree to hold MyFox23 and its vendors and partners harmless for any damage or injury you may incur should you progress to the Silver Ticket Round or beyond.

  • You agree to give us your cell phone number so that we may contact you directly at any time before, during or after the Pine Belt Idol Auditions, as well as afterwards should you be selected for entry into the national rounds.

  • Should you win the national competition, you agree to grant MyFox23 and its vendors and partners the use of your likeness, image, voice, and name for promotional purposes.

  • Should you win the national competition, you also agree to promote the station by cutting on-camera or on-mic lines for the station. (For example, “I’m John Smith, winner of American Idol, and MyFox23 gave me the chance!” etc…)

  • MyFox23 will attempt to pay for transportation to and from any national-level or silver-ticket event, but you may be required to pay some or all of the necessary amount. If you cannot pay, MyFox23 may choose a backup contestant to appear in the Silver Ticket Competition. You agree to hold MyFox23 and its vendors and partners harmless if this happens.

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