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The Capitol is Brewing a New Drink

Jackson, MS - The first ever nitrogen coffee house is opening in Jackson, Mississippi. Cascade on Tap is a newly innovated coffee process for draught service. It is a cold-brew coffee on tap that is infused with nitrogen, chilled in a keg and served with a foamy head, similar to stout beer. This process gives it a creamy, velvety smooth taste due to micro-nitrogen bubbles.

With the new brew in town, local coffee shop owner, Cesar P. from Java Werks thinks its a great innovation.

Cesar says, "Well I think it is going to be another line of coffee, Mississippi is a little behind and that is okay. We are just going to learn about, its pretty good. Knowing that we have a cold brew in town and adding a twist of this nitrogen infused (coffee), it is going to bring curiousity on the issue and it is probably going to stir up."

The coffee shop that Cascade on Tap works with is Deep South Pops who will be making their first batch of nitrogen coffee this Friday.



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