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Sheriff Billy McGee shares his campaign experience against Charlie Sims

Forrest County, MS - Winner of the Forrest County Sheriff, Billy McGee, shares his thoughts on his 2015 campaign.

Around 38 percent of Forrest County voters turned out for the Nov. 3 general election. One of the popular and closely watched races was Sheriff Billy McGee vs. Charlie Sims.

McGee says, "I was more anxious about this race than any race I have ever been involved in." This was McGee's 7th term and he won by 275 votes. He says, "He (Sims) just worked hard, his group worked harder than any group we had before. He made a lot of moves that were correct and worked in their favor."

Sheriff McGee's campaign was closely watched due to a food scandal that occured two years ago and that is still under investigation. He explains, "Hopefully that will be cleared up in the next few months and we can move forward. I think that was a bone of contention of many of the voters."

One of the successful contributions that Sheriff Mcgee owes his success to is how his campaign managed his social media.



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