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Chili's and other local restaurants are honoring Veterans

Hattiesburg, MS - Local and national food chain businesses are thanking Veterans by offering them free food and deals tomorrow.

General Manager, Sean Blackwell of Chili's shares, "On Veteran's Day any active personnel and Veteran can have a free meal off our special Veteran's Day menu."

Veteran's Day is a great day to recognize Veterans and is always a long day for businesses.

Blackwell says, "It is something that we always have to plan for, you know the staff is always looking forward to it, everyone is in good spirts, it seems like it is one of those holiday vibes and everyone is on it."

Corporate gestures of goodwill are growing as brands realize they have a lot to gain by promoting a day that appeals on a national and political level. Blackwell continues, "Anytime that you can generate sales or guests coming in and getting people out in the community, it always helps out...I think it sets a precedent that as a brand we recognize and have discounts on military on a regular basis as well as uniform police officers. We do take pride and take care of the people who protect our community."

A List of Businesses honoring Veteran's Day tomorrow:

1. Chili's

2. Applebees

3. California Pizza Kitchen

4. Denny's

5. Little Caesars

6. Olive Garden

7. Outback Steakhouse

8. Golden Corral



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