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Veteran's Day Parade

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Today is not just any ordinary day. Today is Veteran's Day! And Hattiesburg threw their annual Veteran's Day Parade to help celebrate the past, the current, and future veterans.

Camp Shelby Battalion Commander, Glen Clubb said, "Obviously, we appreciate the city of Hattiesburg coming out from those you see in the parade, those you seen on the outside of the parade, just acknowledging those that came before us. You see a World War II contingent out there, it's a very limited demographic these days, so it was good to see that population amongst everyone else out here."

It wasn't only the military that enjoyed themselves. People from the community also had a great time.

Local citizen, Barbara Bennett said, "I've been in Hattiesburg today watching the parade and it was awesome. All of our youth that I can think of was recognized and did a wonderful job. I was here especially to see one of my grandson's with the youth challenge program. I got to see him and photograph him up-close."

And if there was an important message to say, it would be....

Clubb said, "If we have no idea where we came from we don't know where we're going and today was about honoring not necessarily those of us still in uniform, it's about having those that came before us. We got to remember what they did."



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