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Locals honoring those who have served

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Hattiesburg celebrated those who have served our country with a lively parade downtown.

Master of Ceremonies, Ted Tibbet, says, "The city of Hattiesburg, the Veteran's Organization, the Comittee, and the community supports our Veterans and we saw thank you to them and they say back to us, thank you for your service. God bless them all."

Local schools watchd the parade to honor those who have fought for our rights. Music teacher, Tracy Bowman shares, "I think this is an open textbook for them to learn and to be involved in the community and take this to heart. What better learning experience than to be here first hand, witnessing this special day."

Some Veterans attended the parade to show their appreciation and respect. Veteran George Patton mentions, "You know I have learned so much with the type of training that I is such a great award to know that our country has blossomed."

Though some came to show their appreciation, others attended to celebrate the lives of those who have died serving. Texas Jones, Veteran, says, "I had a lot of friends that did not make it back home and a brother in law who did not make it back home and I feel good serving."

Mr. Tibbet mentions that he is proud to be celebrating Veteran's Day in Hattiesburg as it is one of the biggest cities in Mississippi that honors soldiers.



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