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Proposed solar farm built in Forrest County

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The Forrest County Board of Supervisors, Area Development Partnership, and Strata Sola discussed about a proposed Solar Farm that can help bring in revenue for Hattiesburg.

Forrest County District Supervisor, David Hogan says, "The solar farm will benefit our area in several ways, first and more immediate will be the Forrest County school district. They will earn an approximately a $700,000 dollar revenue over the next ten years."

The Board's goal is to also bring in bigger businesses, such as, Amazon to Southern Mississippi.

"This really puts us on the map, as far as green energy area where they (businesses) can come and hopefully we can encourage those types of companies and use green energy and use those products to create more jobs" Hogan says.

Adding a Solar Farm will create around four hundred construction jobs and has the potential of adding more with future businesses.

Residents are asking to build the farm around a sixty foot buffer to conceal the farm from the public.



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