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JCJC's Bruce Stevens Receives MACJC's Men's Player of the Week Award

Ellisville, Miss. - JCJC’s Men's Basketball team is enjoying a good season so far with a 6-2 record and one of their players has been named MACJC’s Men's Player of the Week.

This player had a fantastic game and he told me what motivated him to arguably have his best game thus far.

Power forward, Bruce Stevens said, "Coach told me to come out and just play your best. He said I need you to go out there and demand the ball. He said I didn't have 20 rebounds the whole season, so he decided to say you got to go out and get 20 rebounds tonight and that night, I went out and played my best."

Well with a 27 point and a 21 rebound performance against East Central, it's kind of hard to say he didn't have a great game. Throughout the season, Stevens’s presence alone has made the team better.

Asst. Coach, Yusef Fitzgerald said, "Bruce is a great, great player. He can dominate on the block and we didn't have a dominant force on the block last year for us and that instantly impacted the way we play our game."

And it's not just on the block where he can do damage, he can step outside the arc and make you look silly too.

Fitzgerald said "Bruce can be a factor in many ways. Shooting the three, he's put it on the floor some, he does a lot involved in the game and that helps make it easier for our guards."

Stevens shared with me the goals he has set for not only himself, but the team as well.

Stevens said "I'm just trying to get better, listen to coach Lockhart and coach Fitzgerald every day. And by the team, I want to reach a goal so everybody can go to the championship, to the state, and the regional this year."



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