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Mugshots Grill & Bar New Year's Eve Alcohol Monitoring

Hattiesburg, Miss. - New Year's Eve is a great time for watching college bowl games.

Mugshots Grill & Bar is making sure football fans can have a great, but responsible night.

Josh Aultman, Mugshots Grill & Bar general manager said, "We monitor guest checks; how much alcohol they're ordering. We also take into account; how much food they are eating. Along going with that, we don't over-serve guests. We make sure our staff is trained on BMI charts and over-serving guests. We also refuse to serve any intoxicated guests that are intoxicated when they come in. We always make sure they do have a designated driver. If we do happen to miss that or someone is too intoxicated we feel to drive, we will call them a cab and make sure they get home safely."



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