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New Year's Eve Fireworks Show

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Paul B. Johnson State Park will have its New Year’s Eve fireworks show Thursday night to celebrate the new year.

Preparation is important to display an amazing show.

Senior Park Administrator, Billy Sykes said, "In the past on the 4th of July. They loved it. We did do a poll last year when we did the 4th of July show and probably after about 700 cars said they'll keep coming if we would shoot it. So we decided to take a chance and see what she'll do. We start getting the prep for the site over there where he's going to have it and making sure it's clear of debris or anything like that. And then he starts setting up the boards that they shoot all of the different shells that he shoots throughout the show. That takes anywhere from three-four hours and we'll get the fire department on hand and the Fire Marshall."

Fireworks start at 8 p.m.



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