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Krewe of Manheim

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Thousands enjoyed the 5th annual Caerus Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday.

This year's parade lineup featured a various amount of floats. A lot of the floats were unique and well designed, but one float seemed to catch a lot of attention.

Manheim Mississippi promotions, Ashton Lee said, "The float behind me is the Krewe of Manheim. We are Manheim Mississippi, the dealer auto auction on 49, and this is our float this year. We are all very excited to be participating in the Hattiesburg Caerus Parade this year. We've got 70 bags of beads, we've got all kinds of throws and we're just thrilled to be here. What's different this year, is we actually had Magnolia Graphics do the banner that you see on the float. I drew up the sketch and they brought it to life, printed it out for us, and we're really happy the way it turned out. So we're excited about our float."




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