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National weather service confirmed F2 tornado in Sumrall

SUMRALL, Miss - The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed an F2 tornado in Sumrall after severe storms hit the Pine Belt region last night.

Pine Belt residents received text message alerts to take immediate cover for a potential tornado.

The NWS is still evaluating the route of the tornado from beginning to end.

Meterologist Chad Entremont of NWS says, "It is a tornado from what we seen so far, we only survey parts of the path. Folks that we spoken to in the county received the worst damage."

Lamar county officials rushed to Rocky Branch Road around 7:30 pm yesterday to survey the damage and help residents.

Roofs from businesses and homes were ripped off by the tornado. Trees were also blocking the road and crews were working nonstop to clear the hazardous power lines off the road.

James Smith of the Lamar County Emergency Management Department says, "That is one thing I can say about this county. The people of Lamar county jump on top of the situation to help everyone as fast as they can."

One homeowner Sadiyya Sohan mention her and the eight people in her home at that time heard loud unexplainable noises and hid in the hallway.

"Well the grandson kept saying...go to the bathroom, we did not hear him and we just kept trying to figure everything out and we ended up in the hall, no glass in the hall, you know an isolated area" Sohan says.

Red Cross was at the scene offering a variety of resources and advice.

NWS is still assessing the damages.




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