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Mississippi economic council visits Marion county

MARION COUNTY, Miss - The Mississippi Economic Council (MEC) visited Marion County to discuss the maintenance of local roads, highways, and bridges in surrounding neighborhoods.

The council travels across 22 cities to discuss transportation, economic competitiveness, and the effects of a healthy and productive workforce in Mississippi.

President and CEO of the MEC, Blake Wilson says, "We have come up with a plan, called 'Accelerate Mississippi' to basically add 375 million more dollars a year into fixing crumbling infrastructure. If we can do that and if our legislature can find a way to fund it we can move Mississippi back to the top of the list and have one of the best infrastructures in the South, and that means a lot in economic development."

Mississippi streches over 48,000 square miles and various parts of the state have different problems. The tour gives the community a chance to voice what needs state and local improvement.



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