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Authorities increase uniforms on the streets

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The Hattiesburg Police Department has averaged one shooting incident per week in the year of 2016, totaling four cases, according to Lt. Jon Traxler of the Hattiesburg Police Department (HPD).

Lt. Traxler says, "We have increase patrols in the area where this is happening at, we are quickly identifying suspects and taking them into custody, and we are working actively with the district attorney's office."

HPD started their new Academy yesterday with 16 individuals. The Academy's expected graduation date is in April, Lt. Traxler mentions that this new academy will help patrol the city.

"Also officers are out there making sure they are visible in the neighborhoods so that they get seen by the victims if there are victims, but also just the public to see us out there. It lets the suspects know we are around the corner and we can take them into custody" Lt. Traxler says.

More officers will be present on the streets to protect the community.




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