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Firework stand in Lamar County catches fire

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss - A Lamar firework stand caught on fire around the 12 AM New Years celebration.

The firework stand is located outside the Hattiesburg city limits where it is approved to sell and purchase fireworks.

Lamar County Volunteer Fire Department fought the ongoing ablaze, which caused damaged to the business, Lake Serene Depot next door.

According the Lamar County Sheriff Department both lanes on U.S. Highway 98 were shut down to fight the flames.

A neighbor who lives next door to the scene, Josh Ellard, says, "It was about midnight and I just heard a lit bit more fireworks that what was more normal. It sounded like a war zone, it was just me and my dog and it woke the both of us. It smelled like smoke, theres no doubt about that, but I just thought it was normal fireworks being shot. I mean I did not know it was going to be this bad. It lasted about thirty minutes."

Lake Serene Depot is known for selling outdoor wooden furniture. Most of its inventory was partially damaged by the fire.

According the National Firework Protection Association (NFPA) fireworks cause an average of 20,000 reported fires per year.

It is unclear how the fire started, but the investigation is still ongoing.



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