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"It's on Us"

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Domestic violence and sexual assault has been an issue around the world.

But, one USM student is leading the way to help bring more awareness about these issues.

USM student, Ava Wolf said, "’It's on Us’ is a White House initiative brought to Southern Miss in 2014 and this is our second year of having a campaign week and we're just bringing a positive note to "It's on Us" and showing that we're here to help and support victims and to fight domestic violence and sexual assault."

The campaign week is from March 7-11. But, people can browse through Southern Miss's Student Government Association social media pages for details.

Wolf said "we're going to have the Shafer Center come talk to us on two different days. On Tuesday, they're going to talk about Green Dot, which trains students to become better bystanders. And on Thursday, they're going to be back and they're going to talk with Riley Herrin about her experience about sexual assault and how she overcame it and what we can do to help victims."

Wolf explains what you can do if you're ever in a domestic violence or sexual assault situation.

Wolf said "first off, you just want to support the victim at all times. That's the number one thing, never blaming the victim. But if you see sexual assault or something going on, step in, be a bystander. Don't just wait around hoping some else does it."



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