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What you need to know when storms hit Pine Belt

FORREST COUNTY, Miss - Each surrounding county is unique and has several 361 shelters that are federally funded. When severe weather hits, who should utilize shelters?

Forrest County Emergency Management, Glen Moore says, "Most people in mobile homes, or who live in a house that is just not real secure, maybe an older house. You also have a lot of people that have a lot of tall pine trees or big trees around. They are concern about the trees falling in through, so they will seek shelter just because the amount of trees that is close to the house."

Moore mentions that the Forrest County Board of Supervisors recently decided to open safe rooms inside 361 shelters anytime a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch is issued.

"As soon as you get word that the shelter is open, it is in your best interest to go ahead and go to th shelter" Moore says.

During the storm residents utilizing the shelter are usually provided with basic necessities.

"Whenever possible they (Salvation Army) will provide very basic snacks, water, maybe sandwiches, but generally, this is a less than ten hour event. There is not a lot of long term needs that is needed whenever you open the safe room up" says Moore.

Moore advises Pine Belt residents to follow their Facebook page as it is constantly updated with storm alerts.

Local Shelter Information:

Forrest County: (601) 544-5911

Lamar County: (601) 794-5378

Jones County: (601) 428-3187



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