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BB guns in Jones County school district, superintendent speaks

JONES COUNTY, Miss - After 3 separate instances of toy guns in the Jones County School District, Superintendent, Tommy Parker, and the Jones County Sheriff's department are concerned about safety during school hours.

Parker says, "What we would like to do today is try to enlist the help of our parents to educate their children on what is appropriate to be at school and what should not be at school."

Major Jamie Tedford demonstrated the slight difference between a BB gun and .45 caliber.

Major Tedford says, "As we are seeing all across the United States we're hearing that law enforcement officers are shooting juveniles. We have got families that we have got to go home to as well. Whenever we see this (BB gun) in the hand of a child, if we pull up to a school and we see this in their waist band or in their hand, a lot of times we do not think about 'hey is that a real gun or is that a toy gun?'."

Both Superintendent Parker and Major Tedford are encouraging parents to talk to their kids about BB guns on school premises and the safety repurcussions.

"If everybody would consider this to be harmless and a toy, then they would have no reason to report this to the adult, so not everybody perceives this as being toys" says Parker.

Parker mentions their is no reason or purpose for a BB gun especially a realistic looking pistol to be on school grounds.

"We consider those weapons" says Parker.

The juvenilles that were found with a BB gun are facing disciplinary action.



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