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Hattiesburg school board adds new member

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Hattiesburg City Council approved the appointment of Eric Steele 4-0 as a new member of the Hattiesburg School Board.

City Council President Kim Bradley says, "I am very proud, the school board has a new member that brings so much to the table. His military and business experience is exactly what the school board needs. He will demand there be accountability not only in the administration, but in the classroom as well."

Steele is replacing former board member David Garraway and started his new position Tuesday.

Director of Communications Jas N Smith mentions, "We are looking forward to working with him, we have a very important role for him to play as far as being part of the Board of Trustees, they have a lot of important work to do for the school district."

Steele is a veteran of the United States Army and will serve until 2021.



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