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Jones county facing severe flooding

JONES COUNTY, Miss - Jones county officials did not expect 8 in. of rainfall over night.

Jones County Emergency Management, Marda Tullos says, "If has caused road flooding, city and county, it is very dangerous for people to be on the roads. The main thing I want to get out there is to stay off the roads if you can."

The flash floods has caused road closures all over the county, too many to count and will probably expect more over the weekend.

Tullos mentions they are expecting another 4 in. of rain over the weekend, but it may be more.

"We've actually ran out of barriers and some people are still going around them, please, I strongly urge citizens do not go around the barriers, they are there for a reason" says Tullos.

Two homes were cut off by high water on Hilton Rd. and Triangle Drive in Glade.

Officials will assess total damages once the rain clears.



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