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Winners of 4th annual Buck Fever contest take home ATV's

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The five month contest is officially over and two lucky winners of the 4th annual Buck Fever contest took home brand new four wheelers.

The winner of the Adult Division, Brett Robinson scored 151 5/8 in Jones county.

"I am going to hang the deer up in my living room as soon as I get home and I am going to enjoy my four wheeler and use it all I can" said Robinson.

The winner of the Youth Division, 15, Robert Sandford scored one 126 6/8 in Convington county.

"Well last year I killed a pretty decent deer, I think I came in 5th or 6th, so I tried to stay calm and hope for the best this year" Sandford said as his mother mentioned he was nervous the past five months.

The 2nd to 5th place winners scored:

Adult Division 2016

2nd - Joe Welch, 149 1/8 in Jones county

3rd - Joey Triggs 145 1/8 in Perry county

4th - Jason Yawn 143 5/8 in Lamar county

5th - Stephen Hudson 140 5/8 Jones county

Youth Division 2016

2nd - Samuel Will, 9, 125 7/8 in Jasper county

3rd - Brody Allen Myrick, 13, 121 1/8 in Jones county

4th - Ella Carney, 7, 117 4/8 in Jones county

5th - Kason Davis, 14, 117 2/8 in Lamar county

The evaluation was based on the weight of the deer, the number of points, and the spread of the antlers.



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