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Rapid Response program helps unemployed citizens

Ellisville, Miss. - A various amount of people have been laid off recently and JCJC has a program that may help out those people.

JCJC is partners with the Mississippi Department of Employment Security Commission and the local Win Job Center to have a Rapid Response program that will benefit unemployed citizens.

Candace Weaver, JCJC vice president of instructional affairs and assessments said, "This program actually provides those who are being laid-off with services that they can take advantage of for us at Jones. It also means particular courses and programs they can take advantage of and they can retrain in order to enter to a new career field.”

Weaver said “primarily we ask that they go to their local Win Job Center and they get referred to us and then from there, we can ensure that the services that they need are there and in place.”

If you are interested in the Rapid Response program, you can call the number 601-477-4122 for more information.



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