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Local girl to represent U.S. in International Baby Miss World pageant

COLUMBIA, Miss. - A Mississippi native, 2-year-old, Saedi Grace Rawls, daughter of Daniel and Marricia Fisher-Rawls of Columbia will represent the United States in the upcoming International Baby Miss World pageant in December competing with children all around the world.

Saedi Grace is your average child, she likes to play house and play freeze tag with her family and at just 2 years old Rawls reached a milestone and won the Baby Miss United States pageant in February.

Out of 7,500 entries, Rawls was picked out of the 68 contestants who competed for the title.

Rawl's father said, "Why its such an amazing feeling to have a daughter that will be representing Mississippi in such a big way."

Baby Miss United States and International Baby Miss World is an all-natural beauty pageant. According to the pageant, rules and regulations include no make-up, no hair pieces, no fake teeth, no spray tanning, and absolutely no go-go juice of any kind. Unlike any other pageant, there is no modeling or talent involved.

Her father is content that the pageant encourages self-confidence and a positive attitude.

"Every girl is pretty in the world. No matter what they are going through or what they are feeling, to have that high self-esteem to go out and be beautiful with yourself" said Daniel.

He added, "Everything starts in the heart on the inside." Rawls mother, Marricia, mentioned that the pageant's main dedication was more important since it hits close to home with their family.

The Baby Miss World pageant's theme was 'Totally Pink', dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness month. The pageant said that in 2016 more than 246,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, at least 70,000 of those women will be between the ages of 15 to 39.

Marricia further said that Saedi Grace's great-grandmother lost her life to breast cancer.

"She lost the battle to breast cancer and we hope that this will raise awareness to all the mothers and women to let them know to get self-examinations" said Marricia.

The Rawl family is excited to represent the U.S. in Orlando, Florida and they are happy that Saedi Grace is part of a pageant that is more than skin deep.



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