TIDE school serves students in bigger location

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Institute for Diverse Education (TIDE) relocated their grounds to a bigger location to best serve their mission in helping students with learning disorders.

The former building housed around 19 students, the new location on Lincoln and 28th can now service up to 60 people.

Executive Director, Christie Brady said, "Most of our students have anxiety disorders layered on top of ADHD or dyslexia, and we have some students on the autism spectrum."

She mentioned rigid and confined settings bring out anxiety in the students and they already have enough on their plate to stay focus.

Dana Chisolm a parent at the school mentioned the kids need to be in an area without having to be on top of each other.

"Before we did not have a dedicated outside space at the other building, but here we not only have the inside space, but we also have ample outside space for them" said Chisolm.

The school now offers a gym, yoga classes and a library. Student Austin Husband said the space will help him succeed, "When you know more you have a better chance to succeed, but when you know less, you are most likely to end up on the street."

Now every kid can set sail from the comfort of their own desk and not as Miss Brady said, "packed in like sardines."

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