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Petal rated #1 safest city in Mississippi

PETAL, Miss. - The friendly city of Petal is home to 11,000 people and was recently named the number one safest city in the state of Mississippi by

Mayor Hal Marx of Petal said, "We have the same issues, problems, and factors that go into creating crime like other cities around us."

Mayor Marx said that the Petal Police department is able to keep crime out of the city.

"Our police department is very proactive, they are constantly patrolling the streets, learning people in the nieghborhood, looking for things that are suspicious, our police officers get to know our citizens" said Marx.

According to the report, Petal's crime rate is at 18.8% and its property crime touches at .06%.

Keith Moore lives outside the city limits of Petal, but considers the city his home for the last 50 years.

"Everybody comes into the city of Petal to shop, to workout at the civic center here, so its good to know that my grandchildren are raised in this area" said Moore.

Moore agrees that Petal law enforcement helps keep crime at an impressive low.

He said, "Oh yeah we have a great Sheriff's department, we have a great Petal Police department, so I feel very safe living here."

Mayor Marx added that it is not only Petal Police he credits, but the residents too.

"And our citizens helps us to, our citizens trust the police, and they report suspicious activity to the police, so it has to work hand-in-hand, citizens and police" said Marx.



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