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National Medical Laboratory Professional's Week

Hattiesburg, Miss. - It's National Medical Laboratory Professional’s Week and some graduate students were in attendance on Tuesday at City Hall for the proclamation.

USM graduate student, Tiffanie Dumaka said, "We work closely with the pathologists in the hospitals and it allows us to get the profession out there, because not a lot of people understand or know what exactly we do."

Laboratory medical staff members help provide blood samples and run tests.

Dumaka said "although we're not seeing the patient, we're impacting lives. We're help saving lives, and that's what's important."

Dumaka said they provide services through their internships at different hospitals in the area.

Dumaka said "this experience has been wonderful because we get hands on. We get to work with doctors and the hospitals, and also we get a chance to just have a great time doing it."



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