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Perry county mom and daughter attacked by family dog, severe injuries

PERRY COUNTY, Miss. - A mother and daughter fought for their lives after they were attacked by a family dog Thursday off Highway 29 North on Dixon Road.

Perry County Sheriff Mitch Nobles mentioned the daughter was playing outside and was attacked by the pit bull. The mother went outside to fight off the dog, but started to attack her too.

Officers arrived on scene to help, but had to put the dog down.

Sheriff Nobles added, "When he tried to get out, the dog was still aggressive came toward the officer, and the officer had to put the dog down for his safety and the safety for the people there so that he was able to render aid to them."

Perry county land owner, Lewis Myrick mentioned its not the first time he has seen the dog roaming around the neighborhood, but is happy both mom and daughter are alive.

"He's messed up deer hunting a little bit, we did not want to shoot him because we knew that he was own by somebody, but I am glad that the sheriff took him out" said Myrick.

The decision to put the dog down was to protect those near the scene.

"We put on a badge to get out and control the streets to try and keep them safe, by no means do we ever want to kill a human or kill an animal" said Sheriff Nobles.

The mother's wounds are extremely severe she was airlifted to Forrest General hospital.

Both mother and daughter are currently in stable condition.



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