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Lamar county board of supervisors begins legal fight over Hattiesburg land annexation

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. - The Lamar county Board of Supervisors has taken the first legal step to appeal Hattiesburg's land annexation ordinance.

The supervisors filed the notice Thursday with the Lamar county circuit court. The proposed annexation is along U.S. Highway 98 towards Columbia and U.S. Hwy 49 north of the current Hattiesburg city limits.

Lamar County Administrator, Jody Waits mentioned the board questions the Hattiesburg City Council's process of going about the annexation.

"We do question the procedure, whether they went in and out of executive session properly, was the annexation discussed in open session" said Waits.

According to Waits Hattiesburg has not filed their annexation ordinance in court as of yet.

He added, "We will legally challenge the annexation in every step we possibly can."



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