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Laurel police department swears in new officers

LAUREL, Miss. - The Laurel Police department swore in four new officers at city hall Friday morning.

Chief Tyrone Stewart mentioned he is proud to have these young officers with the department.

He said, "One of the things I have learned as a young officer, it's not only protecting the community, but building rapport with the community.

Chief Stewart further said that the officers are passionate about public service.

Latifha Ruffin said, "I mean I was a military police officer, I worked in the corrections department down in Leakesville."

Jacob Weaver a graduate from Southern Miss added, "Ever since taking classes and talking with different officers I fell in love with it. It's always good to serve the community that you live in."

One of the newly sworn in officer, Wade Robertson sponsored himself through the academy.

"I had the drive and motivation to do this job and make a career out of it. I've always wanted to become a police officer, I got family in law enforcement" said Robertson.

Robertson further added, "This just has always been my dream to come back to my hometown to serve and protect."

Bryan Lakeline Hincock understands that being an officer is not a safe job, but its a job he wants to do.

"It took me awhile to kinda make my mind up because of all the police shootings, but somebody has got to do it and I stepped up and decided to do it" said Hincock.

The Laure Police department now has 51 officers serving the community.



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