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Hattiesburg community remembers 2 fallen officers, parents speak

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Pine Belt community gathered on 4th and Ryan street to remember Liquori Tate, 25, and Benjamin Deen, 34, who were both shot during a routine traffic stop on May 9.

Families, friends, and strangers lit candles, prayed, wrote signs, and dropped off flowers to remember the two fallen officers.

Benjamin Deen's father, Dan Deen discussed the strength and courage police officers embrace.

He said, "How many of us can walk up to a car in the dark by ourselves" Deen added, "You tell me, how many can do that, it is a special calling."

Deen's mother mentioned how proud she was of the community and Mississippi to remember an unfortunate event.

"They are here to serve and they do it with all their might, laying their life on the line, like our son, and Coco Tate did" said Deen.

She added, "They never know when they put on that badge and leave home, if they will be coming back to their family, it is something they face on a daily basis."

Liquori Tate's mother, Youlander Ross, said she is overwhelmed with the amount of love and support she received since day one.

"To see the city of Hattiesburg, and surrounding community to come and join, remember this night, the first year anniversary of Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, it really means a lot" said Ross.

Through the tragedy Ross found a silver lining in it all and hopes Officer Tate's name will be recognized.

Ross said, "Memorial sites, monument, street named after him, even a library...I like to read, I read to him every night."

Deen and Tate risked their lives every day with nothing in return and were recently named officers of the year with the Hattiesburg Police Department.



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