MHP increases safety checkpoints for Memorial weekend

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) is taking extra precaution this Memorial weekend. MHP began its Memorial Day travel enforcement period to make sure travelers are safe.

According to Triple A it projects more than 38 million Americans will travel this weekend. MHP's Brent Bartfield said, "We have approximately 18 over time slots, state troopers are going to fill them over the weekend, normally we have about 9 working on a regular shift."

MHP said safety checkpoints will also be established this weekend in order to prevent impaired driving.

"We have more units on the road to respond to crashes, and also enforce activities" said Bartfield. He added, "Speed limits are put in place for everybody's safety."

State troopers will be on the look out for seat belt violations, speeding, reckless and careless driving.

Bartfield said MHP wants families to get to their destination safely. "That is our ultimate goal, is when the public is traveling whether they are from here or whether they are not, our goal is to keep them safe."

Multiple law enforcement agencies are working together to ensure safe travels across the state.

Hattiesburg Police Department Lieutenant Jon Traxler said, "We have these joint checkpoint situations that we set up at the city, in the county, across the state...we want the public to be safe, that is our first concern before anything else."

MHP's travel enforcement ends Monday at midnight.

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