"Festival South" gets things started in the Hub City

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The first official full day of “Festival South” started Tuesday and this is the first year that the event will be hosting "Festival Speaks."

“Festival Speaks” is an event where people can listen to talented keynote speakers during lunch time.

Festival South artistic director Mike Lopinto said, "Maybe people perceive ‘Festival South’ as a musical festival. It started out and its roots are in all music events. We've really expanded to sort of encompass and celebrate the many things that Hattiesburg has available to it. We have such amazing talent of all types and we felt now that we're doing in-film expo types of things, branching out to people who are in different kinds of arts areas, speakers and engaging with the public and an artistic, but sort of like a non-musical sort of way."

“Festival South” will be having events until June 18.

If you are interested in checking out some of the events, click here.

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