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Lamar county B.O.S discuss potential leash laws

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. -The Lamar County Board of Supervisor discussed potential leash laws inside the county perimeter. Board Supervisor Philip Carlisle said the discussion was brought up after a resident was concerned of stray dogs wandering the county.

"It is a subject that has come up in the past, and I am not saying that the board is against some type of leash law for the county" said Carlisle.

Carlisle mentioned parts of Lamar county would not like the potential law, such as the rural areas.Carlisle added, "I think I can safely say that the Board would not support a county wide leash law because obviously you have a lot of rural areas that would not want it.

"The Board is looking at various leash laws around the Pine Belt to see if one should be implemented within the county perimeter.

Carlisle said before it turns into an official law the city must sign an ordinance first.



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