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The City of Hattiesburg celebrates "Transit Day"

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Mayor DuPree was at the Train Depot Thursday and gathered the public together to celebrate “Transit Day.”

Mayor of Hattiesburg, Johnny DuPree said, "It's the first time we've done it here and it has a great goal in mind, that is to make sure that people who never ridden the bus get an opportunity to actually ride the bus and experience that and hopefully become life-long riders."

Riding public transportation is eco-friendly and is something that the City of Hattiesburg wants people to be interested in.

Lakeylah White, director of veteran’s state program department said, "We are also in the process of expanding our routes. So it's a perfect time to try and get this out to the public that we have this service here. A lot of people need to take advantage of it."

DuPree said there will be more “Transit Days” to come in Hattiesburg in the near future.



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