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Electronic Caregiver impresses Hub City citizens

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The City of Hattiesburg and Forrest General Hospital invited Fall Prediction Technology to the Lake Terrace Convention Center for some of the locals to test its new technology.

Electronic Caregiver CEO, Tony Dohrmann said, "The Electronic Caregiver is a home health automation system. We provide medical emergency response and treatment plan support and reminders."

The Electronic Caregiver also uses technology that provides early intervention for people who are recovering from injuries.

"Our core business is to put some technology for free in a home and then our customers pay a small service fee to have emergency response and all the other features we provide, said Dohrmann."

Hundreds of people were at the Lake Terrace Convention Center to learn about the Electronic Caregiver, and many were very impressed.

Amanda Smith, Forrest General business development coordinator said, "We're hoping that they can learn to better care for themselves, to learn different resources they can utilize in the community. And take that away to where they feel more educated and a little more ensue of themselves, and where to go if they need help."

Wednesday will be the last unveiling of the Electronic Caregiver at the Lake Terrace Convention Center.



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