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HPD receives six brand new bikes

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Hattiesburg Police Department received six brand new bikes this week.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Lt. Jon Traxler said, "It's for our department to be able to get some officers trained. We've had a bike patrol in the past. Normally our neighborhood enhancement team has been the bike patrol. But just over time, it's moved into the patrol division and the bikes we had were basically getting old, just to be perfectly honest with you. And with the upkeep of them, it was just getting too cost-effective."

Traxler said the department paid about $740 for each Giant ATX bike.

Also, with the recent crime that's been happening at the Longleaf Trace, the department believes the patrol bicycle officers will benefit public safety.

"When you see a bicycle coming, you may not know it's a police officer on there because it don't have blue lights on it. It's not a big car. So then again, we will blend in with those on there. That will help us as well. Plus, there's areas of the Trace that only a bicycle or a motorbike is able to access,” said Traxler.

Traxler said there will be a training session sometime next week where officers will learn how to patrol on their new bikes.

The bikes will be used during Hubfest, parades, and burglary details.



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