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USM's Center for Military Veterans received meaningful gifts

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Southern Miss's Center for Military Veterans received some interesting gifts Tuesday.

Doug Robinson, Center for Military Veterans outreach coordinator said, "We're happy and excited about the opportunity to be presented with an aviation art by world-renowned artist and businessman, Mr. Allan Hammons.”

“We're excited any time we can have a nice piece of art like this dedicated to the center and support of our students and our campus veterans, and our family members,” said Robinson.

The artwork was donated by USM alum, Robert Ingram and his wife, Barbara.

Artist, Allan Hammons said, "The painting depicts primary flight training school in Clarkson, Mississippi that was in service in World War II. So civilian contractors with flight instructors taught army aviators how to fly."

The center also received another gift.

"Were also excited today to be presented a U.S. Flag depository, which will be permanently displayed out in front of the center for not only our students, but for the surrounding community to come by and dispose any U.S. Flags that are torn and tattered. A lot of the time people don't know what to do with that flag, so we here at the center would be gracious enough to take care of that,” said Robinson.



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