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Hub-City officials warn citizens about use of fireworks

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Local authorities are warning residents about the use of fireworks within city limits and around children.

Bbq's, pool parties, and fireworks are all too common for the 4th of July weekend, but with sparklers and fireworks at hand Hattiesburg Police and Fire Department want to remind residents of its use.

The use of fireworks within Hub-city limits is illegal said Lt. Jon Traxler with the police department. "We want to make sure the public is aware that number one they could get a citation for it" said Lt. Traxler.

Any and all fireworks within the city limits could be confiscated. Lt. Traxler said, "We have to have a special place to store that kind of stuff, so we want to make sure the public knows to take that outside the city and use it where its safe."

Lt. Traxler said the recent dry and hot southern weather mixed with fireworks is not a great match.

He said, "It could easily start a fire with the houses and buildings so close together it can turn into a major disaster."

Hattiesburg Fire Department also said the National Fire Protection Association opposes residents to use fireworks.

Fire Marshal Stephen Mooney said, "About 28% of the fireworks injuries every year are from sparklers."

To put fire safety in perspective Mooney said water boils at 212 degrees, wood burns at 575 degrees, glass melts at 900 degrees.

"Sparklers burn at 1200 degrees" said Mooney.

At the end of the day Traxler and Mooney said safety is more important.

You can click here for a guideline to use fireworks safety.



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