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MHP Troop J releases holiday weekend enforcement citations, 6 fatalities in MS

PINEBELT, Miss. - The Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) Troop J cited a total of 753 citations in the Pinebelt region.

According to MHP spokesman, Brent Barfield, "Their were 6 fatalities in the state of Mississippi, but none in the Troop J region."

"There were 2 fatalities in Troop E, south of Memphis, 3 in Meridian Troop H, and 1 in Brookhaven Troop M" said Barfield.

MHP Troop J issued the following citations over the holiday enforcement period:

* 17 DUI's

* 559 Hazard Moving Violations

*165 Non-hazard Violations

*1 Seatbelt and 7 Child Restraints

* 13 Crashes

Barfield said, "Out of the 13 crashes, we had 4 injuries."

Although there were no fatalities in the Troop J region, Barfield said it was 6 too many for the state. "Our goal is to get people safely from point A to point B, the numbers do not lie, you can't help but try to urge people to pay attention to what is going on and to obey the law" said Barfield.

He added, "Hopefully we can go through one holiday weekend without any fatalities, that is our ultimate goal."



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