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Wayne county man arrested for selling drugs at Maynor Creek Water Park

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. - A gun dealer in Wayne county was arrested Tuesday after selling drugs at Maynor Creek Water Park.

Tommy Hutto is charged with 3 felony counts of selling a controlled substance within a public park.

Wayne county Sheriff Jody Ashley said, "We obtained information from a good informant that he was selling."

Hutto is a licensed III gun dealer and authorities confiscated 14 weapons at his camp site.

"After obtaining a search warrant of his premises we got crystal meth, 14 guns, hydrocodone, bath salts, and marijuana too" said Sheriff Ashley.

Mayor Creek Park Ranger, Joe Carnathan, said Hutto was living quietly on the campsite.

"More or less it was unexpected, you kind of suspect different things, but nothing like that" said Carnathan.

Park officials believed Hutto was only involved in his beaver trapping business. Carnathan added, "This is a family place, we do not need drugs, or any kind of activity like that out here, it will not be tolerated in any park."

Sheriff Ashley said it is up to federal agents to confiscate Hutto's gun license.

Hutto's initial appearance is set for Thursday.



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