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Deep South Hurricanes hope to win this year's Wheelchair Softball World Series

Biloxi, Miss. - The Wheelchair Softball World Series will officially start Thursday.

Some Pine Belt players are playing for the only wheelchair softball team in the state, which is the Deep South Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes placed seventh last year and are hoping that things will be different this year.

First baseman, Sylvester Crosby said, "It's a big inspiration because like last year people didn't expect us to even place, and we placed 7th in the world. This year we're a lot better. We're hitting a lot better, we're catching a lot better, our defense is a lot better. So we're looking to place better than 7th place this year."

"If we win the world series, we're number one in the world and that's what we strive to be. That's why we practice every Saturday," said Crosby.

The first game for the Hurricanes is Thursday at 10 a.m. against the Kentucky National Wheelcats.



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