Public Service Commission Issues Letter to Mississippi Power Company to Begin Unveiling Process of K

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - In July the Public Service Commission issued a letter to Mississippi Power Company giving the company a deadline of 30 days to justify the confidential status of documents regarding the Kemper county Power Plant.

Mississippi Power has since complied with this deadline and forwarded numerous documents to the Commission for review and will continue to submit documents.

Commissioner Sam Britton told FOX 23 news that being transparent with Mississippians is important.

He said, "There has been such controversy over the Kemper Project."

"I have found that they (public) didn't know everything that there was to know" added Commissioner Britton.

The Commission began the process of unveiling confidential documents earlier this year and has since continued with its efforts in the original case that certificated the Kemper Project in 2010.

"The entire process is to open up to the people to show that this is all the information, so people can ask questions" said Commissioner Britton.

The law requires companies be given the opportunity to identify and protect commercially and financially sensitive documents.

If any documents are identified by Mississippi Power as confidential, the company must justify its position to the Commission for any documents to remain confidential.

Any claim of confidentiality by Mississippi Power will be reviewed by the Commission. In the case of a disagreement, the documents will be scheduled for release in which case Mississippi Power may petition a court for a protective order.

"The commission is working to include the public with the Kemper Project" Commissioner Britton said.

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