Jones Co. Sheriff's Department helps Louisiana flood victims

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - The Jones County Sheriff's Department collected more items to take back to a hard-hit area of Louisiana.

Jones County grant administration, Lance Chancellor said, "We're finishing up collecting some relief supplies. We'll be headed to French Corner Baptist Church in Ponchatoula, LA tomorrow. We've had residents and volunteer fire departments all over Jones County have been contributing to the effort over the past several days."

Chancellor said nearly 40 percent of homes, businesses, and schools were flooded in Tangi Pahoa Parish.

"The devastation level is just unbelievable. And these people are hurting. We've been able to impact literally hundreds and hundreds of people by donating the donation of supplies," said Chancellor.

One Jones County sergeant is making sure she's doing her part.

Jones County sergeant, Jessica Welborn said, "It's very emotional because I do have family in the area. It's been an honor and a blessing to be able to go down there and actually assist them with the recovery efforts of property as well as helping provide some of the basic necessities that they've lost. They don't have any comforts right now."

Chancellor said they will be leaving Tuesday morning for Ponchatoula.

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