Orange Fall Tour, Heritage United Methodist Church

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Heritage United Methodist Church will host this year’s Orange Fall Tour.

A couple of years ago, a staff member from a church in Atlanta called North Point implemented the tour to help bring people together to motivate, inspire, and build faith.

Pastor, Steve Casteel said, "It's a real honor to be chose by Orange to have this happen. And this is one of the things we really want to do, is to be a place that does community events and provide resources for the community that some other congregations can't."

The Orange Fall Tour focuses on inspiring the youth.

"The cool thing they do is more than any organization we've dealt with; they create pieces for parents," said Casteel.

Cd's, prayer prompts, online networks, and podcasts are given to parents.

"For a new parent, they give them a jar of marbles. There's a marble for every week of the year for 18 years. And the whole thing is you take a marble out every week. And it just reminds you we only have these kids for a certain amount of time. So make use of your marbles, make sure that you're really tenant to the kid's lives," said Casteel.

The Orange Fall Tour will be on Tuesday, October 18.

If you're interested to attend, you can sign up by going can click here.

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