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MHP reminding Pine Belt residents to drive safely during holiday break

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Travelers are on the move this weekend and the Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) is on the job. As more travelers are on the roads to see more family and friends, MHP is beefing up its holiday patrols.

According the MHP Spokesman Brent Barfield with Troop K, MHP will have extra troopers Thanksgiving weekend to keep the highways safe for holiday travelers.

Barfield said their goal is to get holiday travelers to their destination safely.

“In the state in the last couple three weeks, we’ve had, several fatalities where the individuals were not wearing seatbelts and you know our goal is to have everybody buckled up" said Barfield.

He added, "So we can have a fatality free weekend, we are going to be enforcing seatbelts, child restraints, obviously, speed limits, you know anything that is going to be a safety infraction on the highway.”

Their patrol will begin Wednesday at 6 p.m. and will run through Sunday at might.



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