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Retired Military Generals encouraging HPSD students to eat healthy

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Local retired military leaders, Major General Jeff Hammond and Larry Harrington are encouraging Mississippi kids to eat healthy.

Major General Harrington said obesity is the number one disqualifier from medical service and they are greatly concerned.

"Fifty percent of the nutrition are calories that these kids get from, are the schools they attend, and quite frankly there is a crisis in the nation right now" said Harrington.

Research shows nearly 1 in 3 young Americans are too heavy to serve. “In the military and getting qualified recruits because 71% of the population in the United States cant qualify for the military" Harrington said.

He added, "...and 78% in this state in particular, so you can see being someone from Mississippi, I am very concerned, not only with the health of our kids, but the health of our military.”

The visit highlighted the important of helping schools upgrade their kitchen facilities so they can prepare and serve healthier meals.

“The steamer it benefits, because like I said, we don’t fry, we don’t put it on the stove and boil it, in a lot of fat" said HPSD Child Nutrition Manager Terri Adams.

Hawkins Elementary Principal, Hope Mikell said both Generals made a lasting impression.

“Having them here serving, and talking about the nutrition and the good things to eat, is very important, because you know we are what we eat, and what we put into our bodies is very important" said Principal Mikell.



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