Seven people victimized from card skimmers at New Augusta gas station

PERRY COUNTY, Miss. - Perry county deputies and New Augusta police are actively working on leads after 7 people reported their financial information was hacked at an Exxon gas station on Highway 98.

Taters Food and Fuel Manager, Heather Stephens said she received multiple reports from customers that their information have been hacked over the last few weeks.

New August Police Chief John Myers and Perry County Sheriff Mitch Nobles are teaming up to catch the person responsible for inserting card skimmers at the gas pumps.

“One of their tech guys came over to their store, and actually found two skimmers inside their gas pumps at two different pumps" said Sheriff Nobles.

This is the first incident of card skimming in Perry county and no other surrounding gas stations reported card skimmers in their pumps.

Sheriff Nobles said he considers Tater's Food and Fuel a victim too. “People out there are looking to hack any way they can, I mean it can be done at ATM machines, it can be done at gas stations" he said.

Stephens said the business is doing all they can to provide a safe service for its customers, "We’re looking to change the locks on our pumps, so you know the locks can’t be opened or tampered with anymore."

She continued, "We have removed the skimmers, from the pumps, and they are looking to find out who placed the skimmers in the pumps.”

Officials advise customers to pay in cash or credit card where their personal identification number is withheld.

Authorities also said to look at their bank statements to catch suspicious activity and to inform the business if their information has been breached.



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