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NWS confirms E-F1 tornado hits Purvis

PURVIS, Miss. - The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed an E-F1 tornado hit Purvis during Monday's severe storm watch. Originally it was assumed the damage just off Highway 11 was caused by straight line winds.

A Lamar county Road Foreman was on his way to check on the roads to ensure no flooding occurred, when he was caught in the tornado.

“This is it you know, this is the end or what, you know a lot of things flash through your mind, but you know it happens so quick" said Jeff Clinton. He said he saw a funnel appear out of nowhere, “Trees starting falling, the wind got real intense, a lot of rain and lightning, and it started like picking my truck up and shaking it, picking my truck up and turning it sideways.”

Lamar county Emergency Management Director James Smith said the E-F1 tornado traveled just under 6 miles and was 150 yards wide.

“You look at rotations of course and you can see that by looking at the twisting action of trees and by the buildings and the way metal is wrapped around things and things like that" said Smith.

Smith said no injuries were reported, only snapped trees and a few structural damages. NWS is evaluating the north side of Purvis to evaluate damages.



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