Laurel farmers hoping for second set of twin calves, maybe triplets

LAUREL, Miss. - A local expecting cow is gaining an ample amount of attention and followers on Facebook after her owners assume it will give birth to a second set of twins just one year later.

Bertha, 8, of Laurel gave birth to a set of twins last January of 2016 and followers are hoping Bertha strikes gold a second time.

“She’s had several calves before, but last year on January 2nd, she delivered twins and as big as she is now, we are expecting that again" said Teresa Raybourn.

Raybourn said folks on Facebook cannot seem to hold in their excitement for the expecting mother, they are even suggesting a live webcam.

“Asking for updates, or has she had her calf, is it twins, is it triplets, I am doing updates before and after work, I am calling my husband every day, how is Bertha, send me a picture" she said.

According to Raybourn beef cattle have a .5% chance to even have twins in the first place, but by the looks of Bertha's stomach they are betting she does once again, maybe even triplets.

She said, “I do not even have a guesstimate in her weight, but she is just enormous, and you saw the picture of from the back view, she is just a big old’ barrel.”

There's a myth that cows give birth in very cold weather, and with the incoming cold front, Bertha is expected to deliver in the next 48 to 72 hours.

“What I call the business end, that we look for, this morning she had a clear mucous discharge, and she is starting to get a little floppy, springing in the back, so we are getting close.”



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