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City of Laurel kicks-off Martin Luther King day

LAUREL, Miss. - The city of Laurel is kicking off the events for Martin Luther King day. In anticipation for MLK day on Jan 14, Mayor Magee signed the MLK Proclamation and invites residents to celebrate the work of Dr. King.

The 'Do You Know Foundation of Mississippi' annually observes and celebrates the national holiday by scheduling local parades, contests,religious events, and disseminating the history of the great non-violent Civil Rights leader.

Senior Pastor at Christ Church of Laurel, Jason Capers said, "That good men and women show that they are good men and women of faith and participating in what is going on."

Capers added, "Because if we do not speak up then the loudest voices in the room are going to be filled with hate because that is not what Laurel, Mississippi represents and that is not what the vast majority of people in Laurel want.”


Sat, Jan 7. - Talent/Oratorical Contest Oak Park Elementary Auditorium 5 p.m.

Mon, Jan 9. - Deadline for Essay and Poem Writing

Sat, Jan 14. - MLK Parade Sawmill Mall

Sun, Jan 15. - Memorial Service Christ's Church 1301 Second Avenue 5 p.m.

Mon, Jan 16. - MLK Breakfast Cameron Center 9 a.m.



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